Why did I receive an email saying my mask is leaking


If your mask is leaking, myAir might email you a friendly reminder asking you to check your mask seal. Sometimes this happens even if your sleep report says that your mask seal is 'good'.

This is because myAir looks at the whole therapy picture by measuring how your leak values are spread across the whole night. So even though your overall seal can be 'good', there might have been short periods of high mask leak.

When do I experience short periods of high mask leak?

Short periods of high leak can sometimes occur when you roll over in bed or if you're opening your mouth while using a nasal or pillows mask. Visit your Library for tips on how to manage mouth leak and improve your therapy.

Your provider may also receive detailed data about your mask seal and therapy usage to thoroughly monitor your progress. If you've identified any issues or are feeling concerned, don't be afraid to ask them to take a closer look.