How do I cure sleep apnea without CPAP therapy?

There are a few methods you can try to help you manage your sleep apnea. Find out how.

Mild sleep apnea is when you’re having between 5 and 14 breathing pauses every hour.1 If you have mild sleep apnea, and you have no other medical conditions or risk factors, you can try using lifestyle changes and regular monitoring to manage your sleep apnea.2

In addition to achieving your ideal weight, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol, you can also try using a humidifier to decrease congestion in your airways and keep your nose unblocked. If you don’t mind the smell you can try using essential oils such as thyme, rose or eucalyptus. These are known for their anti-inflammatory effects.3

If you still have symptoms after trying these methods, it’s time to talk to one of our friendly sleep coaches to discuss your next steps.



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