How do I set up myAir to send me coaching tips and cleaning reminders by SMS?


If myAir supports SMS in your country*, do the following:

  1. In myAir, go to Hello, <your name> and then select My account.
  2. In the My notifications section, click Add next to Cell phone number.
  3. In the Cell phone number section, do the following:
    • From the country list, select a country.
    • Enter your cell phone number.
  4. Click Save.
    myAir sends an SMS authorization code in a text message to your cell phone.
  5. Enter the SMS authorization code.
    Note: The code is not case sensitive.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Below SMS (text message), select the check box beside:
    • Coaching
    • Cleaning reminders
  8. Click Save.

* myAir supports SMS only in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United States.