How do I get the right fit on my AirFit P10 (for AirMini) nasal pillows mask?

AirFit P10 (for AirMini) Fit

Watch this fitting video on how to get the right fit.

  1. Pick up the mask and ensure the labelled left and right nasal pillows are positioned to match your left and right nostrils.
  2. Hold the nasal pillows against your nostrils with one hand, and pull the headgear strap over the back of your head with the other.
  3. Split open the top half of the headgear, so that the lower strap sits at your back of your head while the top strap rests on your crown.
  4. You can readjust the pillows by pulling briefly on the mask away from your nose to reset them and ensure they’re upright.
  5. Once pillows and straps are secure and comfortable, you’re ready to start therapy.