How do I clean my AirFit F20 (or For Her) full face mask daily?

AirFit F20 (or For Her) Cleaning

Follow these steps to clean your full face mask every day.

  1. Disassemble mask.
  2. Rinse frame, elbow and cushion under running water. Clean each component with a soft brush.
  3. Soak components in warm water with mild liquid detergent (as dishwashing liquid) for up to ten minutes. Beware: do not use strong chemicals.
  4. Shake components in water.
  5. Brush moving parts of elbow and around vent holes.
  6. Brush areas of frame where arms connect, and inside and outside the frame where the elbow connects.
  7. Rinse components under running water.
  8. Leave components to air dry out of direct sunlight – making sure to squeeze the arms of the frame to ensure excess water is removed.