How can I tell if it's time for a mask replacement?

when to replace masks system

If any part of your equipment shows signs of deterioration (cracking, discolouration, tears, cushion damage, etc.), you should discard and replace the component.

If you wear a full face mask and you notice that the valve is damaged, distorted or torn, you should replace the elbow. The mask should not be worn if the valve is damaged as it will not be able to perform its safety function.

Because your mask replacement schedule is unique to you, we highly recommend reading your mask user guide for detailed information.

In general, it might be time to replace your mask or some of its component parts if:

  • you have to tighten the straps very frequently;
  • the mask feels stiff instead of soft and springy;
  • you feel your treatment may be less effective than usual;
  • the mask cushion is slippery even after it’s been cleaned;
  • the mask cushion is no longer clear and transparent;
  • the mask cushion and frame show signs of wear, stiffness, cracks or breaks.