Awakening Clinical Sleep Services Post COVID-19

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Moderated by: Dr Patrick Strollo

Professor Patrick Strollo of the University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine joins us as the moderator for this session, exploring the steps that Clete Kushida, Alejandro Chediak, Ana Krieger and James Rowley have employed to manage their Clinical Sleep Services both now and in the future.



Ana C. Krieger M.D. MPH

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Departments of Medicine

Neurology and Genetic Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine


Alejandro D. Chedlak M.D.

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine University

Miami Miller School of Medicine


Clete A. Kushida M.D. PhD

Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Stanford University Medical Center


James Rowley M.D

Professor Internal Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine


Sleep Services Restart


Home Sleep Testing

Home Treatment Trials - Following up Remotely


In the first part of this session (minutes 0:00 – 8:51), Karen Schofield, a Key Account Manager at ResMed and former Sleep Physiology Team Leader at Queen Victoria Hospital, draws on her own clinical experience to present the key features of AirView and myAir, and drills down into the benefits they offer in supporting long-term adherence and patient treatment management.

The second half (minutes 8:51 – 17:23) features Greg Sheen, a Solution Consultant at ResMed. Greg takes viewers on a journey through AirView with an exciting product demonstration which showcases the platform’s functionalities and how they can help streamline and optimize SDB patient management.

Finally, in the last section (minutes 17:23 – 33:49), Mark Schalabi will introduce Narval Easy which allows sleep physicians and dentists to share patient treatment and follow-up information, facilitating collaboration in the management of patients treated with MAD.

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