ResMed warranty information

Looking for ResMed warranty information on a mask, CPAP device or other ResMed products? See below for details or contact our customer service team if you have ResMed warranty questions.

Limited warranty

ResMed Ltd (hereafter ‘ResMed’) warrants that a ResMed product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase for the period specified below.

Product: Warranty period:
    • Mask systems (including mask frame, cushion, headgear and tubing)-excluding single-use devicesAccessories-excluding single-use devices
    • Flex-type finger pulse sensors
    • Humidifier water tubs (non-reusable)
90 days
    • Batteries for use in ResMed internal and external battery systems
6 months
    • Clip-type finger pulse sensorsCPAP and bilevel device data modules
    • Oximeters and CPAP and bilevel device oximeter adapters
    • Humidifier* and humidifier cleanable water tubs (reusable)
    • Titration control devices
1 year
    • CPAP, bilevel and ventilation devices (including external power supply units)
    • Battery accessories*
    • Portable diagnostic/screening devices
2 years

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