Application of Non-invasive ventilation in patients with acute respiratory failure

Full Video (Chinese)

Covid-19 has presented a timely reminder on the importance of suing the non-invasive ventilator to support patient with respiratory condition.

In this webinar session, we are delighted to invite Associate Professor Pang Yong Kek as Chair who take you through the current practices using NIV for treatment of Acute respiratory failure (ARF).

Our key note speaker Professor Xia Jin Gen will be sharing special insights on how ventilators helped ease the pressure in the hospital during covid pandemic in China, including nest practices on the application of non-invasive ventilator for patient with ARF.



Associate Professor Pang Yong Kek

Doctor in Internal Medicine

Senior Consultant, Division of Respiratory Medicine, University Malaya Medical Centre


Professor Xia Jin Gen

Master of Medicine

Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, China-Japan Friendship Hospital

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