Why does the AirMini app say the patient didn't use the AirMini when they did?

AirMini App

The patient's AirMini and smartphone may not have connected with each other. Ask the patient to check that they:

  1. Plugged the AirMini into a power outlet.

  2. Placed their smartphone close to their AirMini.

  3. Opened the AirMini app on their smartphone.

  4. Have a Bluetooth connection between the AirMini and their smartphone. The LED above the Bluetooth button on their AirMini should glow blue and they should see the Bluetooth symbol in the AirMini app.

  5. Lastly, if the above does not help, close the AirMini app, remove it from running in the background, and then restart the app.

If none of these options captured any data from the patient's previous sleep session, have them use the AirMini for another night and confirm their smartphone connects with their AirMini prior to falling asleep .