Why can't I see myAir data? I have poor or no cellular coverage. How can I see my myAir data?

myAir, Data

Your machine may not be transmitting data to myAir for several reasons. Let’s start by doing some troubleshooting with your machine setup:

  1. Did you just register on the same day you tried to view your data? Your therapy data will be available after your first night using the machine following your registration date.
  2. Verify that your machine’s power cord is plugged in.
  3. Check the machine’s signal strength icon, and verify it has a strong wireless signal (3-5 green bars). A signal strength less than 3 bars may not be strong enough to transmit your therapy data. If the No Wireless Connection icon displays (a circle over the signal strength bars), your machine cannot detect any wireless networks. You may need to move the machine to a different location to obtain a better signal. Your machine requires a cellular wireless network to transmit therapy data.
  4. Verify that your machine is not set to Airplane mode (on the Home screen, select My Options and scroll down to Airplane Mode). If it is, turn Airplane mode off on your machine.
  5. Is this the same machine you defined in myAir when you created your account? If not, you will need to change the serial and device numbers in your My Account details on the myAir site.
  6. Ensure your machine remains powered on for at least an hour after you wake up.
  7. If your machine’s power cord has been continually plugged in, unplug it for 40 seconds and then plug it back in. This resets the machine.
  8. Please use your machine as normal, and check myAir the next day to confirm your data transmitted as expected.

If, after performing the steps above and using your machine for one night, you still do not receive therapy data in myAir, please contact your home medical equipment provider for additional assistance.