What types of CPAP tubes are available?

Some of the main tubing options include:

  1. Heated CPAP Tubes: Heated tubes should only be attached if you’re planning on using a humidifier. When plugged into a machine, heated tubes help to vary warm air from the humidifier into your mask, and the warmth of the tube ensures that the heated air doesn’t cool off while it’s transported through the hose.
  2. Standard CPAP Tubes: Regular sized CPAP sleep tubes measure 22m in diameter and are suited to CPAP systems that do not contain humidifiers.
  3. Slim CPAP Tubes: Slimmer options such as 15mm tubes or ResMed SlimLine tubing. Many patients prefer a thinner tube because it is lighter and more responsive to movements throughout the night. A reduction in mask drag makes it easier for you to move naturally and comfortably in your sleep.

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