I am living in Asia, can I buy device from US?

USA, US machine, myAir

For the devices that sold in US, they are built for US mobile network. If the device is outside of US the data cannot be transmitted to the cloud.

ResMed Devices are compatible only for the country or region where they were intended to be sold. myAir will work with ResMed Devices that are released for the same region as the myAir.

For the device that built for US, the serial number cannot be registered in myAir (invalid serial number). The data can't transmit to the cloud due to the incompatibility of mobile network.

ResMed recommends you purchase the device from the local distributor in your country, and not from overseas.

You will have 2-year warranty on the device your purchased locally. ResMed’s devices do not have international warranty.  If you purchased the devices from overseas, you can’t claim warranty in your country.

Please purchase from the local distributor so that you will have the support and service locally, e.g., the local distributor can help/assist you on your technical, service, usages inquiry, printing of report, etc. Device purchased from overseas may not be compatible with local mobile network.

It is critical that you have the support and service locally, to ensure your treatment is successful.

Please contact ResMed's authorized distributor (www.resmed.com/distibutors) in your country if you have any questions.