Why is MyAir™ data not showing?

Device connectivity| Account registration|Device model for region|myAir data

  1. Verify that is the user is patient using the derive? Usage hours in device requires breath to be detected. If you are just running the device (without connected to real person and breathing), the patient usage hours will not be updated (zero hour).
  2. Ensure airplane mode is off.
  3. If your machine’s power cord has been continually plugged in for days/weeks, unplug it for 40 seconds and then plug it back in. This resets the machine. e.g. perform a power cycle (turn device off, then back on).
  4. Verify that there is signal icon on the top right of the device screen, and good signal strength
  5. Verify that their area has stable 3G/4G connectivity
  6. Are you switching your device off too quickly in the morning? Your device transmit data to the cloud after 1 hour you stop the therapy (with the main power on). 
  7. Is your device registered in your MyAir account? Check the device serial matches the serial registered in MyAir.
  8. Please use your machine as normal, and check myAir the next day to confirm your data transmitted as expected.
  9. Did you purchase your device from an authorised ResMed distributor who is registered in your country? ResMed devices from other regions may not be supported locally in your country.
  10. Contact the outlet that you purchased the device for help.