I purchased a new device from overseas recently, now it is not working well, can you help to repair it?

Warranty, device purchased from overseas

Warranty is void on product sold, or resold, outside the region of original purchase. Warranty claims on defective product must be made by the initial consumer at the point of purchase. Please click on: What is ResMed's warranty policy?
You will have 2-year warranty on the device your purchased that locally. ResMed’s devices do not have international warranty.  If you purchased the devices from overseas, you can’t claim warranty in your country.
You may contacting our authorized distributors in your country, but there will be labour change and service charge since your device's warranty is void. There is the link of our authorized distributors:
Another point to note, ResMed Devices are compatible only in the country or region where they are intended to be sold. The devices manufactured for USA are different from the devices manufactured for other regions, the built-in mobile communication software/hardware are different. The mobile network connectivity (3G, 4G, which is free for the customer) may not work if you purchase the device from overseas. 

Please purchase from your local distributor so that you will have the support and service locally, the local distributor can help/assist you on your technical questions, service, repair, usages enquiry, printing of report, etc. Device purchased from overseas may not be compatible with local mobile network.