I can’t see data from my patient’s AirMini in AirView. What’s wrong?

AirMini / Data to Cloud / AirView

If you cannot see data from the patient’s AirMini, review the following:

  1. Verify the serial number/device number combination entered in AirView matches the patient’s device.
  2. Ensure the patient’s AirMini is successfully paired to their smart device and AirMini App.
  3. Ensure the patient’s smart device has an active Internet connection. An indicator in the app will show when the AirMini is syncing with the smart device. Once the indicator is disappears, the sync has finished and the last thirty days of data should be available to view in the app.
  4. If the patient has used their device for more than 30 days since their last sync, be sure to keep the app in the foreground, open, and connected to the AirMini for several minutes and do not use other apps. This will ensure all data uploads to the cloud.
  5. Check AirView again after 2-3 minutes to verify if data is available for the patient.