How does myAir calculate my score?

myAir calculates your score by analyzing your nightly therapy data. The higher your score, the better. You get points based on the following four key categories.

Usage hours

The point system for usage is calculated in hours and minutes. If you use your therapy for 1 hour you get 10 points, or for 2.3 hours (2 hours, 18 minutes) you get 23 points. The more time you use your therapy, the more points you receive, up to a maximum of 70 points.


Mask seal

The better your mask seal, the more points you get. This category can help you know if you need to adjust or change your mask to get a better fit. If your mask seal is poor, it can affect your comfort and the quality of your treatment. Your score reduces as your mask leak increases. You can get up to 20 points for minimal mask leak, 10 to 15 points for moderate leak, and 0 to 10 points for higher leak.

If you use a nasal or nasal pillows mask, it's important to remember to manage air that can leak through your mouth. Mouth leak can give you a dry mouth and affect your therapy. For more information about mouth leak, sign in to myAir, go to the Library and watch the Managing mouth leak video.

Events per hour

The fewer breathing events you have each hour, the more points you get. These breathing events are also known as the apnea-hypopnea index (or AHI). myAir measures how many times your breathing partially or fully stops each hour. If you have minimal events, you get 4 to 5 points.

Check with your healthcare provider or sleep doctor if you would like to know more about the number of breathing events that you have per hour.

Mask on/off

The fewer times you take your mask on and off throughout the night, the more points you get. Everyone has to take their mask on and off one time during treatment. So, for example, if you remove your mask one or two times, you get 5 points. However, if you take your mask on and off several times, it can indicate a problem with mask fit or with your sleep in general.