How do I register my S9 machine? Will my S9 machine work with myAir?


myAir provides therapy management and support to patients with AirSense 10 or AirCurve 10 machines. It is not compatible with S9 machines. If you have an S9 machine, you will not be able to monitor your own sleep therapy via myAir. However, you can register for email reminders on replacing your mask, tubing, water tub, and more. To do so, please visit myAccount ( ) to register your products or sign in to access previously registered products.

NOTE: If you require a detailed report from your S9 machine, please request one from the health care or home medical equipment provider who provided your equipment. You can also view your sleep data from the machine on a daily or cumulative basis. To do so, press the "i" (Info) button located on the Home screen and then select Sleep Report .