How do I pair AirMini to a smartphone?

AirMini Device/App Connectivity

Before starting, ensure you have the latest version of the AirMini app installed on the smartphone. If not, install the latest version from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  1. Ensure the AirMini is set up correctly and powered on. See the AirMini Clinical guide for complete setup instructions.

  2. Enable Bluetooth on the smartphone (refer to the smartphone user guide for full details).

  3. The first time you open the AirMini app on the smartphone, follow the onscreen prompts to pair with the AirMini. If you are not prompted, tap the Bluetooth button on the Dashboard screen of the AirMini app.

  4. When prompted, press the Bluetooth button on the AirMini. When the LED above the Bluetooth button starts to pulse blue, Bluetooth is enabled and the AirMini is ready to connect.

  5. Tap Connect in the AirMini app on the smartphone. When the smartphone discovers the AirMini, the AirMini name appears in either the iOS Accessory list or Android Device list (the AirMini will appear as ResMednnnnnn where nnnnnn are the last six digits of the AirMini serial number).

  6. Select the AirMini from the list to connect.

  7. The first time you pair an AirMini with the smartphone, you will need to perform the following authentication procedure:

    1. When prompted, enter the four-digit key found on the back of the AirMini.

    2. Alternatively, you can tap Scan code. After allowing use of the smartphone’s camera, locate the machine’s QR code on the back of the AirMini and position it within the camera’s viewing frame. Once the AirMini app captures the QR code, an Authenticating message displays followed by another message stating, Your AirMini machine is connected and read to use.

    3. Tap Done to close the window.

When successfully connected, the Bluetooth connection icon displays in the top right corner of the AirMini app.

Note: Leaving Bluetooth enabled on the smartphone will ensure that each time the smartphone comes within the vicinity of the powered-on AirMini, Bluetooth will automatically connect the two devices.