Fitting your CPAP mask for the first time

If it's the first time you’re fitting a CPAP mask, do so during the day.

You’ll need to re-adjust the straps of mask to make it fit properly. It's a good idea to wear the mask for an hour or two during the day so that you grow accustomed to it. 

When fitting the mask initially:

  • Ensure that the straps are loose.
  • Hold the mask up to your nose and connect the headgear to the proper locations. It helps to do this in front of a mirror.
  • Make sure the mask is placed on your nose using any adjustment straps to adjust its location. 
  • Make sure the mask is snug but not overly tight. A common problem is over tightening so be sure the mask is just secure enough to sit on its own. The air from the CPAP will help to create a seal by inflating the mask cushion.
  • Last, turn on the CPAP machine to make sure there are no air leaks. 

Our YouTube page also includes fitting tutorials that you can watch here