Does the app need to remain open for data to upload to the cloud?

AirMini / Data to Cloud

Whether or not the app must remain open during upload depends on if a patient uses an Android or iOS (Apple) smart device. For best results, we recommend that patients sync their smart device with their AirMini after each use. Syncing one day of data to the cloud should only take a few seconds. We recommend patients keep the app open and connected to their AirMini for at least 30 seconds to ensure that data has been successfully uploaded.

  • Android devices: Once the AirMini App syncs with the AirMini, data will continue to sync with the cloud even if the app is running in the background. The patient can use other apps as long as they don’t completely close the AirMini App.
  • iOS devices: Data may not fully sync with the cloud if the app is moved to the background. Note that an indicator will appear in the app when the AirMini is syncing with the smart device and disappear when syncing is complete even if the AirMini app has not completed syncing to the cloud.