Cleaning your AirFit F20

ResMed AirFit™ F20| Daily and weekly cleaning of your mask| Cleaning tips|

Daily Cleaning

Step 1 - Disassemble mask.
Step 2 - Rinse frame, elbow and cushion under running water. Clean each component with a soft brush.
Step 3 - Soak components in warm water with mild liquid detergent (as dishwashing liquid) for up to ten minutes. Beware: do not use strong chemicals.
Step 4 - Shake components in water.
Step 5 - Brush moving parts of elbow and around vent holes.
Step 6 - Brush areas of frame where arms connect, and inside and outside the frame where the elbow connects.
Step 7 - Rinse components under running water.
Step 8 - Leave components to air dry out of direct sunlight – making sure to squeeze the arms of the frame to ensure excess water is removed.

Weekly Cleaning

Step 1 - Disassemble mask. EasyClick Magnets can remain attached to headgear during cleaning.
Step 2 - Handwash headgear in warm water with mild liquid detergent.
Step 3 - Rinse headgear under running water. Inspect to ensure headgear is clean and detergent free. Wash and rinse again, if necessary.
step 4 - Squeeze headgear to remove excess water.
Step 5 - Leave headgear to air dry out of direct sunlight.