Can I take my machine on airplanes? What documents are required while traveling with CPAP devices? Where can I get a printed copy of the ResMed FAA compliance letter?

Travel, Airplanes

Your machine meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements and may be taken on board commercial airplanes as carry-on luggage. Medical devices do not count toward your carry-on luggage limit. If you intened to use your machine on an airplane, you should check with your airline prior to travel to confirm their policies on in-flight device use.

Please refer to your device's User Guide if you plan on using the device on a plane.

CAUTION: While flying, do not use your machine with water in the water tub, as aircraft turbulence increases the risk of water spillage and damage to the device.

The following information should always be close at hand:

  • Your treatment pressure.
  • Your mask type and size.

Please review our Traveling with Your Equipment page ( ) for complete details on traveling with your machine. Here you will also find air travel compliance letters which you can download and print.