AirFit™ P10 - Mask Performance Managing leak, getting the best from your P10

ResMed AirFit™ P10| Managing and preventing leaks and leakage|

Managing Leak

Step 1. While therapy is running, place your fingers around the upper and lower areas, where the mask seals to the face, to check if air is escaping.

Step 2. If there are leaks, try adjusting the headgear to help with mask fit. Simply spread them apart to loosen and draw them together to tighten.

Step 3. You can also readjust the pillows by pulling briefly on the mask away from your nose to reseat them.

Step 4. Once the mask is secure and comfortable, you’re ready to start therapy.

Note: When the device is running, a light breeze should be felt at the base of the vent module, but there should be no other areas of air leak. If leak occurs or continues, try refitting the cushion into the frame.