How do I find the right size for my AirFit™ P10?

ResMed AirFit™ P10|Nasal pillows CPAP mask| selecting the correct size| Fitting tips|


Step 1: Included with your mask are three sizes of nasal pillows. If your clinician or medical provider has not recommended a size, you’ll need to try each of these on.

Step 2: To remove the pillows from the mask frame, hold the hard top above the mask tube, and then squeeze and pull the pillows out.

Step 3: To insert the pillows into the mask frame, simply press them in until the top and bottom clips click together.

Step 4: Fit your mask according to the instructions in the user guide.

Step 5: Change pillow sizes and put your mask on as many .times as necessary until you find the size that feels the most comfortable.

User Guide