AirView remote monitoring for ventilators

Discover how you can manage ventilated patients through rapid remote access to detailed clinical data* and customisable patient monitoring options.

*Wireless connectivity is available for Stellar and Astral through the ResMed Connectivity Module (RCM). Lumis features AirView built-in wireless connectivity.

Deliver ventilated solutions

  • Access relevant clinical data on one screen for at-a-glance understanding of clinical metrics and correlations.
  • Visualise respiratory metrics over 1 to 90-day periods and within 1 to 24-hour windows.
  • Zoom in on interesting clinical details and precise therapy values.
  • Save or print screen views or generate reports.

Streamline patient management

  • Receive dashboard notifications when patients require attention based on your chosen settings.
  • Track changes in patients clinical condition or therapeutic parameters with customisable rules and thresholds.
  • Filter your ventilated patients by type of active notification, patient profile, location, or clinical user to focus on a specific group or patient.

Translate clinical data into personalised patient care

When you have access to relevant clinical data and an effective monitoring system in place, you can feel confident that your patients are receiving appropriate care.

An introduction to AirView for Ventilation

This video demonstration walks you through the main features and functionalities of AirView™ for Ventilation. Meet our virtual patient, Anna, and discover how much easier therapy management can be.

During the demo, you’ll learn about:

- Analysing therapy data and usage across all programmes and settings

- Saving and printing personalised reports

- Monitoring patients with the automatic notification system


Sign up for an AirView for Ventilation virtual demonstration.

AirView for Ventilation FAQ

1. How do I access the new AirView for Ventilation?

If you are already registered with AirView, you can contact your ResMed representative or email:

If you don’t have an AirView account yet, you can contact your ResMed representative or register here.

If you would like to request a demo first, please use this form to contact us.

2. How can I access training for AirView, are there resources available?

A series of how-to videos showing the new functionalities of AirView for Ventilation can be watched here.
You can also ask your ResMed representative for an online demo or request one here.
For how-to videos on AirView functionalities designed for sleep apnea, please visit our training page.

3. How do I change device settings remotely in AirView?

Watch a how-to video on changing device settings remotely here. Please note, this feature is only available for Air10 and Lumis devices.

4. Are troubleshooting guidelines available for AirView?

Yes, please check out our video tutorials and the Troubleshooting Guide for Air10™ and Lumis™ devices. For assistance with Stellar and Astral devices, please contact

5. How do I contact customer support?

Our customer support team can be reached at:

6. Where can I find more information about ResMed connected ventilation solutions?

Our website is a great source of information. If you prefer to speak to someone, you can contact a ResMed sales representative by filling out a form here.

7. How can I view patient data for a specific time period?

The Therapy Data tab shows data from your patient’s ventilation device*, presented by time period and program.

To view data for a specific time period, use the calendar date selection panel to select one of the following options:

7 days: shows the last week of data available.

30 days: shows the last month of data available.

Custom: shows data available within the date range you select.

The chosen time period will be highlighted on the graph.

The bar in the calendar date selection panel represents daily total usage in hours and minutes across all available programs:

Full bar indicates 24-hour usage.

Half bar indicates 12-hour usage.

Empty bar indicates no usage or no data.


* Only available on Lumis, Astral and Stellar devices

8. Can I zoom in on a day’s therapy data?

You can use the Therapy Data tab to zoom in to see detailed, hour-by-hour therapy data* for all programs on the therapy metric charts.

Select a day on the calendar date selection panel to see detailed data for that 24-hour period.

To zoom in on a specific period of that day, select 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours from the ‘View’ panel beside the date.

To zoom in further, click and drag either end of the blue time selection bar to narrow your selection to a specific hour or set of hours.


*Only available on Lumis, Astral and Stellar devices

9. How can I access the latest therapy data for my patients’ Astral and Stellar devices?

To retrieve the most recent therapy data from your patients’ devices:

  1. Click Update data now.
  2. To confirm, click Request latest data.
  3. Refresh the page to see the newly retrieved data.

Note: The update may take some time. You do not need to remain on the page while AirView retrieves the latest data.

10. How do I connect the ResMed Connectivity Module (RCM) to Stellar and Astral devices?

Please see the User Guide and RCM quick setup guide for instructions.

11. How does the ResMed Connectivity Module transfer data to AirView?

Data is transferred via a 3G cellular data network with a 2G back-up option.

12. Is it possible for patients/caregivers using Astral or Stellar devices to see when their data has been uploaded via the ResMed Connectivity Module (RCM)?

The RCM does not have an indicator to show when data has been transferred. To ensure data is uploaded in full, please encourage patients and caregivers to keep their device connected to the RCM.

13. When can patients unplug or switch off their ResMed Connectivity Module (RCM)?

The RCM must be connected to the power and to a switched-on device, to ensure that the patient’s therapy data can be transferred correctly. Please note that the device can only transfer data if it is within range of a data network.

14. When the ResMed Connected Module (RCM) is connected to a new device will it send historical data saved on the device?

When the user connects the RCM to a new ResMed device, it will detect the last sessions sent to AirView and send any sessions which have not previously been uploaded to the platform. If the device has not been connected to an RCM for a long period of time, the RCM will only send the last seven days of historical data.

15. Can the same ResMed Connected Module (RCM) be used alternately with two different devices?

The RCM aims to transmit patient data to AirView and this will only be possible when the RCM is connected to the device and the device is switched on.

All patient data is stored on the device and when the RCM is connected to it, it detects if there are new sessions that have not been sent to AirView and starts the data transmission. The same RCM can be used with multiple devices, always making sure that the time it is connected to them is long enough to ensure proper data transmission.

16. Where can I find the device number for an Astral or Stellar device?

For Stellar, the 3-digit device number is shown on page 11 of the device menu. Click the information button 11 times to access this page. For Astral, tap the UI screen information menu and then tap the Device tab.

AirView for ventilation: how-to videos

Streamline the management of ventilated patients

The useful management by exception feature notifies you of patients who require more attention by automatically detecting variations based on your chosen parameters.


Access and analyse clinical data with ease

AirView provides rapid, one-screen access to detailed clinical data. The interactive presentation enables you to explore your patients’ respiratory metrics over 1 to 90-day periods and within 1 to 24-hour windows across all programs supported by the device.


Save and share insights**

When you identify a variation or a data point of interest, you can print, save, and share screen views with colleagues at the touch of a button.
**In order to protect the privacy of patients, please only share data related to their therapy follow-up.


Helpful resources

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Gain an insight into the possibilities offered by our telemonitoring platform for ventilated patients, including using data sets for a deeper understanding of your patient and management by exception.