AirFit P30i

Nasal pillows cradle mask

Ultra-compact, tube-up mask with a nasal pillows cushion and a QuietAir vent. The AirFit P30i’s slim, minimalist design and top-of-the-head tube give patients the freedom to sleep in any position. The modular design simplifies stock management and offers patients more choice.1

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Retain pillows, regain freedom

ResMed AirFit P30i is our tube-up mask for patients who prefer pillows. It’s designed to feel natural and gives patients the freedom to move easily and sleep in any position. The snug fitting SpringFit frame, carefully engineered nasal pillows cushions and top-of-the-head tube design deliver reliable stability and keep pace with every twist and turn. If your patient gets up during the night, a quick-release elbow keeps life simple.

Quiet nights with QuietAir

A QuietAir vent is integrated into the AirFit P30i’s nasal pillows cushion. This vent gently diffuses exhaled air, limiting noise and drafts and helping to create a restful bedtime environment.2

Give your patients the choice

The modular design of the AirFit P30i means you can do more with less. The P30i uses the same comfortable frame2,3 and headgear as the AirFit N30i so it only takes a couple of clicks to switch between nasal cradle and pillows cushions.1 This mix-and-match system makes it quick and simple to offer your patients more freedom of choice.

It’s convenient when you need to alter the mask seal or change contact points. And it simplifies stock management. Just like the AirFit N30i, the AirFit P30i is quick to fit1,2 and comes in two handy starter packs containing a frame, headgear and two cushions.

Warranty & services

Looking for service and warranty information on the ResMed AirFit P30i nasal pillows cradle mask? Find the answers to your questions in our resource centre.


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