Sizing your AirFit F20

AirFit F20, AirFit F20 for Her

  • You can print your ResMed sizing guide here. Remember to print to scale, as you’ll have to cut out your guide from the document you print.
  • Once you have your sizing guide:
  • use a mirror and hold the sizing guide to your face. The top of the guide should correspond with the top of your nasal bridge.
  • the lower part of the guide indicates which mask size is best for your face. The size that aligns with the crease below your lower lip will be your recommended fit.
  • If you’re between sizes, we recommend selecting the larger option for greater comfort.
  • As an alternative to using a sizing guide, you can also use a straight ruler to measure the distance from the bridge of your nose (between your eyes) to the dip between your lower lip and your chin. Different measurements correspond to the following sizes:
  • Between 74-86 mm: Small
  • Between 86-98 mm: Medium
  • Between 98-110 mm: Large
  • Before purchasing or trialling the AirFit F20 mask, your CPAP provider will follow the same process using the sizing guide to help select the mask size that best fits you.